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Bijou Phillips’ Baby an Unholy Terror In It’s Alive

The redband trailer for the upcoming direct to video release of the It’s Alive remake has hit the web, folks, and it is a downright doozy.

I was always a bit saddened to see that Bijou Phillips’ big romp had been demoted from theatrical release down to the realm of the merely direct to video, but I admit that it could have been a whole lot worse and was glad enough to get any kind of action out of this one, even if it’s just the direct to video kind.

One great thing you can say about the direct to video movement is that it’s given us a whole lot more of the movies we otherwise might not have seen.  Sadly, many of these movies turn out to be utter garbage in any kind of objective sense, but every so often there’s a gem that manages to turn up.  The It’s Alive remake just might prove to be one of those, at least I hope it does.

Bijou Phillips Brings Her New Baby to DVD

(Bijou Phillips)

We were all sort of looking forward to the upcoming release of the It’s Alive remake, because frankly, the trailers were definitely making things look nice and freaky. That and having Bijou Phillips in on terror hottie detail definitely put a punch in things.

But you may not be quite so happy to know that it’ll be coming out October sixth…and going direct to video.

Just for a quick recap on the plot, a young woman discovers she’s pregnant and drops out of graduate school to start a new household and family in the country with her boyfriend. But when animals–and people–start dropping dead in their new idyllic country surroundings, who’s responsible? Her boyfriend? Her new baby? Maybe even herself.

Like I said, the trailers made this beauty look absolutely freaky. The fact that we won’t get it on the big screen isn’t exactly the happiest news, but we can do pretty well with our home theatres. Hopefully it’ll still turn out solidly, even if it’s been somewhat downgraded.

It’s a Hat Trick For Bijou Phillips

(Bijou Phillips)

You’d think that showing up in stuff like Hostel 2 might have killed off Bijou Phillips’ career…and you’d be oddly wrong.  She’s showing up in another three movies, most of which are currently in post!

But here’s the funny part…they’re all comedies.  Sure, some of them have a dramatic edge to them, and others will feature a crime drama element or two, but comedies they remain.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to suspect something’s up here.  First Amber Benson and Angela Bettis…now Bijou Phillips?  It’s as though the horror movie market is starting to retract.  Why else would so many terror hotties be making the move to comedy?  It’s as though some kind of mass exodus rush for the door is going on, and we are just not being told.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little nervous.

It’s Alive Remake—Bijou Phillips Makes It Extra Good


I confess that I was sorely, sorely unnerved when I heard that they were looking to remake the movie It’s Alive. Just sounded like yet another in a long string of lousy remakes of old horror flicks. After all, I was still smarting over the godawful hash Zack Snyder made out of Dawn of the Dead, and still downright enraged over the joke that Rob Zombie made out of Halloween. So when I saw that It’s Alive, under normal circumstances a good but not anything special kind of horror flick, was getting a remake, I got scared.

Until I saw the trailer…and saw that Bijou Phillips would be serving as terror hottie for this ride along with Skye Bennett. Then I felt a whole lot better about things, because frankly, the trailer was freaky as all hell and Bijou and Skye definitely make me feel better. I just might shove a hot spike through my own foot if Bijou Phillips asked me real nicely.

Well, okay, maybe that’s overdramatizing a bit, but still—Bijou Philips plus freaky trailer looks like one to watch.

Bijou Phillips

Ah, Bijou Phillips–after being one of the sole redeeming features behind Hostel 2, you’ve gone on to do some nifty things.  Three of them will be coming our way in 2008.

This horror hottie proves she’s got the chops to go beyond the horror industry, with slated movies like “The Bridge to Nowhere” about four blue-collar men and one broke prostitute who create a high-priced escort service.  Even better, she’ll also be doing a comedy with familiar Family Guy voice Patrick Warburton  about a man who spends three whole months in a sexless marriage until one night when he finally gets some.  Only it’s with another woman.  Racked by guilt, he decides the only way to make things right is to have the new wifey knock boots with another fellow, and thus he sets out to find said fellow.

Not that Bijou’s forgotten her horror roots–she’ll be caught up in the remake craze as “It’s Alive”, the story of a baby with a monster appetite for people meat and a short temper.

Man, it’s going to be one hell of a year down at the Bijou, and I’m rather looking forward to it.  With a horror hottie like that making the rounds, well, how can we not?