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Let Me In To Be “Scarier Than Twilight”

(Cara Buono)

Remember when I told you about Let Me In, that remake of the Scandinavian vampire romp Let The Right One In?  You know it features eventual terror hottie Chloe Moretz (whom we will NOT call a terror hottie until she’s eighteen.  We have some scruples here.) as well as current terror hottie Cara Buono–well, a new bit of news has emerged that should leave everybody laughing uproariously.

They say it’s going to be–get this!–SCARIER THAN TWILIGHT!!

Director Matt Reeves, who’s been brownnosing the Meyer series for months now, apparently let slip in an interview with MTV that his remake will prove “much darker and scarier” than Twilight.

Okay…why am I sorely underwhelmed by this news?  For crying out loud, that’s not exactly a CHALLENGE.  What’s next, I’m going to run faster than a building?  I’m going to jump higher than that snail?  I guarantee that I am SMARTER THAN THAT FISH!

Matt, why not set a goal that might be construed as a challenge?

And So It Begins–Let The Right One In Remake Starts Filming

(Chloe Moretz)

Folks, I cannot in any good conscience refer to Chloe Moretz as a terror hottie.  I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.  Despite the fact that she’ll be taking the lead role in the upcoming remake of Let The Right One In, and that would qualify her by any other standard, she’s just entirely too young.

You know we’re all about bringing the mention to all the ladies of terror, from the Avellan sisters to Zelda Rubenstein, but there’s a limit.  Thankfully, I can safely call Cara Buono and Sasha Barrese terror hotties, so that doesn’t make this a complete waste of a post.

Anyway, filming has started on the remake from out of nowhere surprise upstart Hammer Films, who used to be huge before vanishing almost completely from the scene for a good long while.  Seriously–there was a while in there you couldn’t find a Hammer film for love nor money unless it was an older one.  It’s slated for a 2010 release, and frankly, the original wasn’t too bad, so the remake shouldn’t be terrible either unless it’s completely botched, and I don’t look for Hammer to botch it.