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25/8 Changes Title

(Zena Grey)

We’ve talked about 25/8, the upcoming title from Wes “Nerve Gas” Craven, more than a few times before.  Mostly, we talk about this one because despite its less than stellar pedigree, it’s got a whole slew of terror hotties involved in its construction, including Zena Grey, Nicole Patrick, Emily Meade and plenty of others.

Well, some fresh news has emerged about the title, including most notably of all that the title has changed.

That’s right–Nerve Gas just dropped the dime on the title change, telling us it’s gone from 25/8 to My Soul To Take, which frankly makes even LESS sense than the working title did.

I’m not sure the fresh coat of paint slapped on this ramshackle monstrousity will do it much good, but considering the movie bows sometime in 2010 I really don’t have that much longer to wait to find out.