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Grinder Gathering Steam, Has Distributor

(Nikki Griffin)

Well, here’s some interesting news–the folks out at Grinder, including terror hottie Nikki Griffin, have announced that they’ve been acquired by Seven Arts Pictures.

No one’s exactly sure just where Grinder IS in its pre-production stages.  It may well be in mid-production by now, or even slouching toward post by now.  But one thing’s clear–Seven Arts’ involvement in the production assures that it is, in fact, going forward again.

So, sometime, measured only in terms of “eventually”, we may finally get our first glimpses at one of the first bona fide Thanksgiving horror movies ever.  That’s what this one’s about, you know–seven college kids on their way home for Thanksgiving break suffer a car breakdown in the middle of the tiny town of Chapman, regarded as the Roadkill Capital of the World.  Seven college kids in a town in the middle of nowhere whose claim to fame involves dead animals?  And the movie’s called Grinder?  You can probably figure out where this is going, but it should still be interesting all the same.