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Murder, Mayhem, Sugary Treats and Terror Hotties in Butcher’s Hill

Jackie Rhoads puts on the terror hottie mantle in upcoming Butcher’s Hill, apparently also called Sweet Tooth, a movie that shows that sugary treats are often a prelude to mass murder and cannibalism.

There’s a teaser trailer already out for this little doozy, and it’s pretty…well…it’s something, anyway–whether or not you’ll call it good depends entirely on your tolerances.  Originally, it was a short film that was later expanded to a feature after its popularity at Screamfest back in 2008.  It’s about a man who takes his family fortune and runs off with a man named Brian, leaving behind his wife and two children who must now move to a middle of nowhere burg in New England, and as we all know, one of the greatest rules of horror movies is that the worst shit always goes down in New England.

Following their move to New England, they find themselves neck deep in legends of murder, mayhem and cannibalism, along with occasional cakes and pies.  Sounds like a party, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.