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Terror Hotties Of The Future Get Their Day In Exorcismus

(Sophie Vavasseur)

Again, I can’t in any good conscience refer to Sophie Vavasseur as a terror hottie.  Consider that, as of right now, she’s seventeen, it’s still just a bit too soon to attach terms like hottie to her.

But being as it’s only a matter of time before we can safely start to consider her a terror hottie, this chunklet of news does bear mentioning.

Exorcismus, the exorcism-driven drama, has just released a set of new stills and the news is not good.  Frankly, the news is downright sad in all honesty, as the stills reveal nothing particularly frightening nor even anything to suggest that this will be worth watching.

Though, of course, we’ll have to actually wait for the release proper to determine its quality, but as of right now, I’m definitely not convinced.

Sophie Vavasseur Takes On The Devil

Sophie Vavasseur serves as the terror hottie of the day with the upcoming Exorcismus from Filmax.

This is actually a Spanish import, which is interesting enough by itself, especially given the success of Rec over here and the success of the remake, Quarantine.  And this one sounds like it could be almost as good.

Basically, this time, we’re following a girl named Suzy, whose family is worried about her.  She’s been behaving strangely, and her family is beginning to wonder if the cause of it all might not be demonic possession.  So they call in a priest, who tries solving the problem with hypnosis rather than jumping straight to the exorcism.  The result of the hypnosis meanwhile is…disturbing.

Given what the Spaniards call “disturbing”, I’m inclined to believe that Exorcismus could very definitely be disturbing, and be an absolutely amazing horror flick.