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Emily Perkins

Emily Perkins may not be a name you recognize right away, but getting a good look at her filmography suggest that you definitely should know who she is.  You may well remember her as the young Beverly Marsh from “Stephen King’s It”, but what you may not know is that she also had an appearance in “Juno” as the Punk Receptionist.

That’s right, the lady who did some truly unbelievable work in the werewolf trilogy “Ginger Snaps” (it had two sequels–that’s at least close to an epic by indie horror standards) also showed up in one of 2007’s biggest Oscar contenders.  And, this horror hottie will be giving us something new to smile about in “Blood: A Butcher’s Tale”.

Not content to do just werewolves and receptionists, “Blood: A Butcher’s Tale” gives us the tale of a lonely butcher off to chop up a family of vampires after they turn his fiancee into one.  Granted, our dear Emily Perkins will just be “Goth Chick”, but still, she’s there, and that makes this one for us to keep an eye on.

After all, vampires can only be killed by a stake to the heart or by sunlight, but they probably won’t last very long if they’re turned into ground meat.

We won’t have long to wait–it’s slated for a 2008 release and a good bloody time should be had by all with horror hottie Emily Perkins to help out.