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Blair Witch Cast To Reunite At Monstermash Indiana

p>A bit of exciting terror hottie news for you today, folks–in fact, it’s a downright rarity. Horror conventions are often known for their gatherings of terror hotties, whether they be writers, directors, actors or even just the fans. But one terror hottie you hardly ever see, along with a couple other folks you never see her with, is coming to the Monstermash Indiana show this December.

Heather Donohue, Michael Williams and Joshua Leonard will be reuniting for the first time, ever, at the Monstermash Indiana show.The early word also suggests that this will be the only such reunion of the trio, so if you want to see them in one place, this is the place to do it.

The show is December 16th through the 18th, and you can get tickets right now while they’re still available.

Blair Witch Tenth Anniversary

This might be one of the most surprising things you hear lately, but apparently, it’s been ten whole years since the release of the original Blair Witch Project. And though it’s somewhat difficult to refer to Heather Donohue as a terror hottie, mostly because her work is horrendous at best, and downright unwatchable at worst, we are an equal opportunity sort of website, so we give credit where credit is due.

Yes, it’s been ten whole years since the movie that left a hole a lot of people wondering if it was actually real or not (some people really did wonder because they didn’t keep up with movie news and hadn’t already heard a dozen times or more that it was all a complete crock) was first released in theaters. Despite the fact that it actually took home a whole lot at the box office, it only got one sequel, which turned out to be unmitigated crap. Maybe that’s why it didn’t get all the way up to trilogy rank, although I have to admit, it might have been interesting had it been done right.

But “done right” and “The Blair Witch Project” just don’t go together. So happy anniversary, Blair Witch, and you’ll likely never see the light of day again.