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Get Thirsty for Terror Hotties This November

(Kim Ok-Vin)

November 17th, ladies and gentlemen and fellow terror hottie enthusiasts of every stripe and background!  That’s the day that Kim Ok-vin shows off her terror hottie chops as part of Thirst.

Thirst features the story of a priest who becomes a vampire and thus embarks on a journey to experience all the joys of the flesh along with a childhood friend’s wife who has approached the priest, desperate to leave her old life behind.  Well, what’s more “leaving it all behind” than joining the ranks of the undead?  But will the priest give her her wish, even in such a backhanded fashion?

One thing’s for sure, folks, the jar will remain on the glitter can this time around.  No sparkly vampires here, no sir.  And that’s a change that’s good enough for two.