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Evil Dead’s New Ash Is Terror Hottie Lily Collins

This is something of a surprise, as we discover that the lead in the Evil Dead remake is now a woman named Mia, played by Lily Collins, and she’s already being described as the female Ash.

And this time, Mia’s not going to be a hero right off. In fact, Mia is reportedly set to be a drug addict who will be taken out to a cabin in the woods to help her get clean along with some of her friends. And while they’re up there, those darned Kandarian demons will be making a resurgence. But considering their primary witness is a drug addict who’s going through a wicked case of withdrawal, how much of what she’s seeing can be counted on to be real?

Sounds interesting, but I confess to some serious doubts. This is not just any old horror movie we’re talking about here, this is the Evil Dead series. This isn’t something to be handed off to Diablo Cody like some second-rate hipster fodder, this is downright iconic. Hopefully, though, it will all turn out all right in the end. This one’s looking to hit April 12th, 2013, so hopefully we’ll get to see just how it turns out sooner rather than later.

Diablo Cody Talks Evil Dead Script, Results Encouraging

We’ve all heard, previously, about how Diablo Cody was looking to handle the script writing duties for Evil Dead, and how it may be a whole lot worse than anyone ever wanted to consider. But there’s some new word out now, as Cody recently took an interview with Collider, and the results suggest this may be better than expected.

From the Collider interview:

“I was nervous to take the job because I thought, Ugh, I’m gonna get shit for this. People are not gonna like this, because all people know of me is like Juno and they think I’m gonna pollute ‘Evil Dead’ with like wacky dialogue and cute stuff and folk music, and it’s like ‘No, look I understand what this is. I’m interested in storytelling here and making it scary and good and true to the original,’ ”

Even better, she went on to elaborate that she was planning to stick closely to the director’s draft, meaning that she’s not going to be throwing a whole lot into the pot at all, so she may be around for little more than name power. And that may be the best news of the day.

Cody clearly sees what she’s up against, and it’s good that she’s taking that angle. Hopefully this will turn out better than earlier expected, so keep it here for all the latest news. We’re definitely going to want stills and trailers with this one.

Details On Diablo Cody’s Evil Dead Script Drop

Okay horror buffs, if you didn’t already hate Diablo Cody for Jennifer’s Body, then when I tell you what she’s reportedly about to do to the Evil Dead reboot…well…that’s probably going to put you over the edge.

The current word suggests that the story features a group of friends gone off into a cabin in the woods. Okay, sounds good so far…until you find out why they’re in the woods. Apparently they’ve gone into the woods to help one of their number kick their drug addiction. And with the young lady in question in active withdrawal, her sudden possession by the Kandarian demons seems almost expected…until it gets a whole lot worse.

If it had been any other movie, I might have gotten behind it. It’s actually a reasonably clever twist. But you do not screw around with something as vital to the history of horror movies as Evil Dead. It simply is not done.

No word yet on when the Evil Dead reboot will land, but man, I’m not looking forward to this one.

Diablo Cody’s New Zombie Movie

And I can hear you screaming from here.

Yes, that’s right, gibberish queen Diablo Cody is already hard at work writing Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament.  And if you can believe it, it sounds like she’s trying to make the equivalent of Twilight for the zombie set.

Yeah, I know–I’m scared too.  Check out the word straight from Diablo herself:

“We have a script and I am thrilled with it and hope we can go into production with it soon,” Cody told IF magazine. “It’s a zombie love story. Zombies are so hot now, but I like to think it’s about the personal side of being a zombie and being ostracized.”

You’ll excuse me if I hope this abortion never sees the light of day.  After the wreckage that was Jennifer’s Body, Cody desperately needs to stay out of horror.

Diablo Cody’s Next Target? You Won’t Believe It

(Diablo Cody)

So after Diablo Cody’s disastrous elevation to terror hottie status after writing the sub-par script that was Jennifer’s Body, you might feel justified in thinking that, maybe, just maybe, she’s not interested in ruining anything else for a while.

You, sadly, would be wrong.  She’s announced her next target, and frankly, she’s welcome to it.

She’s going to be doing a remake of the Sweet Valley High series.  You know, that series of kiddie soap opera books that middle schoolers couldn’t get enough of back in the day?

This, frankly, may be a good move for Cody who’s proven herself at least fairly good with teenagers and absolutely crap with horror not to mention crap with dialogue NOT in the original Klingon.