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Nastassia Malthe Hits The Terror Hottie Slave Trade

(Nastassia Malthe)

We’ve seen this kind of thing in our horror movies before–young couple goes off for a weekend of fun, the male half turns his back for a minute and the next thing you know the female half is missing and about to be sold into white slavery on the black market or possibly just sacrificed to something big, drooly and unpleasant from an alternate dimension or something.

And Slave, featuring Nastassia Malthe, will find us back in that kind of situation.

It’s just recently become available in the United Kingdom and will likely be following onto United States video store shelves.  I know, this is the kind of thing we’ve all seen once or twice before, but maybe this can swing around to the upper end of the scale.  Could turn out to be something like 8mm, and I was personally very fond of that one.