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America Olivo Joins Maniac Remake Cast

Admittedly, we haven’t heard much out of the Maniac remake lately, but this newest chunk of news is going to make up for that, and then some. Because Maniac’s landed a big new shot of terror hottie in the form of America Olivo.

Maniac follows a man who grew up under the influence of a horrible mother. And now that he’s older and bigger, he’s going to take out the horrors he faced on every woman he comes across. And it’s going to be a disaster for the lot, but will anyone put paid to this titular maniac’s misogynist rampage?

I have yet to see the original Maniac, but it’s kind of an interesting idea to see some good old fashioned slasher flicks get some big screen revamping. And gratefully, it can’t turn out too badly, as the original source material wasn’t any great shakes to begin with so we likely won’t have to worry about being let down. They’re still shooting this one so there’s no word on release dates as yet. But keep it right here for all the latest!

America Olivo & Adelaide Clemens’ No One Lives Shows Some New Sales Art

A variety of great terror hotties will be coming our way with No One Lives, featuring not only America Olivo, but also Adelaide Clemens as terror hotties, but also Ryuhei Kitamura as the director. And some fresh sales art has emerged on this one, getting us just a little closer to seeing how this one turns out.

And what No One Lives will be bringing our way is a gang of thugs who takes a couple hostage, and hides out in an abandoned house. But when they accidentally kill the female half of the couple they kidnapped, they’ll discover that they’ve opened up a whole new world of pain for themselves. Will any of the criminals get out alive? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

I love movies like this, where bad guys find themselves facing off against much, much worse guys. It’s a little slice of justice in cinematic form and it’s nice to watch it come our way. No word yet on release dates, though, so we’re going to have to keep an eye out for this one to hit, hopefully soon.

No One Lives Gets First Pics

p>The last time I remember seeing a movie from the WWE was a reasonably good horror flick called See No Evil. Not the best, but still pretty good. So I was reasonably interested in hearing more about No One Lives.

Featuring terror hotties like America Olivo, Lindsey Shaw, Laura Ramsey, Adelaide Clemens and more to boot, not to mention WWE wrestler Brodus Clay and director Ryuhei Kitamura of The Midnight Meat Train. It follows a gang of thugs who take a young couple hostage and then hide out in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned house. But when the female half of the couple is killed, the gang finds itself up against a much bigger problem: a serial killer who plans to ensure that the title becomes less a title and more a predictive reality.

I love movies where bad guys run up against worse guys, and that’s just what we’re getting here. Naturally, I’m looking forward to this one, though sadly, we don’t have any word on release dates just yet. So keep it here for all the latest on this one.

Bitch Slap Still Going Strong

(America Olivo)

We haven’t had a whole lot of Bitch Slap news around lately, so it’s good to see that the terror hottie laden feature, including Friday the 13th stunner America Olivo, is still going strong.

In fact, I just got the single best plot synopsis for a movie EVER, and I’m dying to share.  Check this puppy out:

3 Bad Girls, 1 Desert, 1 Supercharged Thunderbird, 1,473 Exotic Weapons, 1 Ruthless Crimelord, $206 Million in Stolen Goods, A Cop Who May Not be a Cop, Hundreds More Cops who are Cops (Maybe…), A Pair of Mentally-Challenged Contract Killers, 1 Device That Could Snuff Out Life on Earth, More Cleavage than you can Shake a Stick At and Kidney Rattling Erotic Displays of Carnal Prowess Heretofore Unimagined…

It really IS only a matter of time until someone comes out with “Stuff Go Boom”, isn’t it?  Okay, sure, I’m as interested in this one as anyone else.  For crying out loud, almost fifteen hundred different weapons?  That really ought to be a spectacle, especially if every one is used.  I wonder if someone will keep count?  Maybe there’ll be a counter on the screen just to prove the claims.

It just got its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, so you know it’s only a matter of time before it swings its way down here.  And man, it should be a sight.