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Danish Horror Gets A Little More Terror Hottie Joy

(Lene Nystrem)

Okay, really–I’m so very impressed by Danish horror I can hardly stand it.  They’ve done some really spectacular stuff, especially as part of the Ghost House collection that Sam Raimi put out a while back, so any time I hear about Danish horror, especially featuring Danish terror hotties like Lene Nystrem and Pernille Vallentin, is enough to keep me interested.

And this one, called Deliver Us From Evil, is actually going to be not too far from a remake of Straw Dogs, in which a young family returns to the patriarch’s old hometown.  The only problem is that the town doesn’t much care for outsiders…of which now the new young family is now numbered.

The Danish have a surprising talent for scary, especially when they augment it with a few small dashes of humor as they’ve been known to in their earlier works.  Whether they’ll play this one straight or add the funny is anyone’s guess right now, as is its landing in the States.  It’s already been out in Denmark since April, but it’s coming to Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival.