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New Addition To Scream 4 Cast?

(AnneLynne McCord)

Well well, folks…a fresh bit of news comes in to me, and it tells me something really nice.  You know how Scream 4 was in a little bit of a shaky state because they didn’t even really have Neve Campbell?  Well, they’ve picked up a new terror hottie to their cast, ensuring that this one will have our notice for some time to come…no less than AnneLynne McCord.

If she takes the offer, that will bring the confirmed terror hottie count to two, including Courteney Cox, who has apparenly officially confirmed she’ll be in on Scream 4.  You know how I feel about this; frankly, it’s how we ALL feel about this.  The more terror hotties, the better.  Any extra terror hottie action we can get in any movie, the better it’ll turn out.  Let’s face it, a movie with a good array of terror hotties is a lot like a pizza–even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

So hopefully, dear Ms. McCord will go in on Scream 4.  We could definitely use the terror hottie quotient on that one upped–I’ve never been terribly confident any time a movie goes past three in the sequel count.