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Top Terror Hottie Of All Time? According To Movietickets.Com, Jamie Lee Curtis

Being a terror hottie is a long and distinguished tradition, folks. There have been terror hotties gracing films for over four decades now, and in that time there have been lots of big names. But according to the folks out at, the all time top, and by a healthy margin, is Jamie Lee Curtis of Halloween fame.

She took home fully fifty eight percent of the vote, more than the rest of the field put together, and more than three times that of her closest competitor, Neve Campbell. Neve took sixteen percent of the vote. The top five finishes out with Linda Blair of Exorcist fame at ten percent, Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame at nine percent, and eight percent going to Sigourney Weaver, the undisputed queen of Alien.

A little weird, I’d say, that the vote would be so clearly skewed toward Jamie Lee, but longevity counts, and she’s been a terror hottie for a very long time. Linda Blair was one about the same time, but didn’t stick around like Jamie Lee did.

So congratulations to Jamie Lee Curtis, the big winner of terror hottiedom out at!

Terror Train Gets Brief Revival

(Jamie Lee Curtis)

Here’s a thrilling bit of update for those of you who consider Jamie Lee Curtis to be the first and best terror hottie–or at least the best.? Apparently back on March 6, there was a one night showing of Terror Train at the New Beverly Cinema sponsored by Bloody Disgusting.? They showed the original on thirty five millimeter film, so if you’re a fan of the old school, that’s definitely a bright note to your day.

See, with all the fuss over DVD, Blu-ray and streaming, it’s good to know that thirty five millimeter prints can still find a place in the world.? You know what they say about history, folks–those who refuse to learn from it will find themselves repeating it, so it’s always a good idea to know where you came from, just in case you should ever have to go back.

Though for the most part, lots of us are probably pretty upset that we couldn’t make it for one reason or another, so that’s a tragedy, but sometimes you’ve got to just shrug it off, you know?

Jamie Lee Tells Us All About Aussie Horror

(Jamie Lee Curtis)

If you’ve ever been interested in the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of the horror film industry, then you might want to make your way over to Philadelphia Film Festival’s Cinefest ‘09 and spend a little screen time with Jamie Lee Curtis, terror hottie extraordinaire.

It’s called Not Quite Hollywood, and it describes with a glee all its own, the phenomenon known as Ozploitation.  That encompasses a lot of truly spectacular high art forms as Patrick, Man From Hong Kong, and of course, the legendary masterwork about a killer pig, Razorback.  But kidding aside–it was a BOAR, not a pig–Ozploitation took a lot of sack to truly make.  Actors were shot at, regularly, with REAL BULLETS.  Stuntmen frequently lit themselves on fire.  Women REGULARLY went topless, and small children were shredded like extras in Fargo.  And if you ever wanted to know what all went into that sort of thing, the Not Quite Hollywood is the movie for you.

Jamie Lee Curtis

It’s becoming abundantly clear that we’ve lost one of the original horror hotties–the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis looks to be turning her back on horror. Which is sad, because frankly, she never did a bad job even if the stuff she was given to work with wasn’t always up to snuff. I mean, come on–Terror Train? Seriously? And while Prom Night apparently has sufficient mojo to rate a remake, it wasn’t really all that great to begin with.

Now She’s Just Mom.

Looking at Jamie Lee Curtis’ filmography from the last ten years is a depressing litany of what might have been coupled with a couple bursts of last-ditch glory. If you pull anything with the word “Halloween” out of there, her horror roles become even more sparse, and if you don’t count Virus, she got a grand total of absolutely zero horror flicks in, roughly, the last twenty years.

Her newest movie, South of the Border, revolves around a lost chihuahua trying to find its way home, for crying out loud. Christmas with the Kranks? Freaky Friday? House Arrest? Jamie, we love you, but you might as well be wearing a big sign around your neck saying “Will Be Typecast For Money”!

Whatever Happened To Laurie Strode?

Jamie, that’s what we want to see. We want to see you be the badass femme fatale you once were. We want you to give quasi-immortal serial killers the beatdown of their lives! We want to see you hunt Krites or ghosts or demons or ANYTHING besides your daughter after she’s twenty minutes late for curfew! You can be Laurie Strode again!

We’re all dying to see it!

Get back in action, you horror hottie you, before we have to start strapping the word “Former” to your title. And that would just suck…for all of us.