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The Darkest Hour Gets New Trailer And Pics

Olivia Thirlby and Rachael Taylor will be just two of the terror hotties making their appearance in alien invasion du jour The Darkest Hour, and based on what I’ve seen of this one so far, it’s going to make for a Christmas to remember.

The Darkest Hour takes us out to Russia, where a group of five friends find themselves stranded in Moscow when aliens attack. Now the five are trying to not only get out of Moscow, but also survive the onslaught of alien hordes with unknown purposes.

Some are already comparing this to 28 Days Later, which is a much better sign than if, say, they were comparing it to Skyline, in which case I would have had to be very, very afraid. I’d even settle for a Battle: Los Angeles, but this is still pretty good news. I’m looking forward to this, and we’ll only have to wait until December 25th to see how it turns out.

The Darkest Hour Gets An Exciting New One Sheet

The Darkest Hour, featuring Olivia Thirlby and Rachael Taylor, has been giving us plenty of exciting news of late, and now we’ve got one more with the announcement of a big new poster, heavy on the Russian.

The Darkest Hour follows a group of friends who went to Russia for a vacation, when they discover that someone else had an intention of visiting Russia–namely a race of homicidal aliens determined to do to it exactly what you see in the poster.Will our friends manage to escape their Russian holiday in one piece? Or will the aliens spread their destructive rage all over the planet?

The first thing I could think when laying eyes on that poster was, great, it’s Skyline in Russia. But then again, you never know…this could have plenty of action involved, and it’s definitely got an edge in the terror hottie department. This one will hit theaters Christmas Day, so it won’t be long until we find out how this comes out.

Twilight For Werewolves?

(Olivia Thirlby)

Oh boy.  Bad news for literally EVERYBODY today, folks–remember the sheer amount of damage Twilight did to the vampire movie subgenre?  Yeah, it gets harder and harder every year to remember the sheer joy that was 30 Days Of Night, doesn’t it?  Bet it does.

Well, from the look of it, Jack And Diane is going to do the same thing for werewolves that Twilight did for vampires.

Please, stop screaming.  You won’t be able to concentrate.

Anyway, Jack and Diane, featuring terror hotties Alison Pill and Olivia Thirlby, brings us two teenage girls who meet in New York City.  They begin to fall in love with each other; Diane’s simple charm breaks Jack’s tough outer shell.  And when Diane is forced to leave the country in a week, Jack quickly falls back on her learned toughness to keep her heart from breaking.

Oh, and by the way–Diane’s newly-found lesbianism is turning her into a werewolf.

I could launch into a screaming rant the likes of which no man has ever seen about how thoroughly idiotic this is.  Sure I could.  It’d be easy.  The very idea that somehow becoming a lesbian will make you a flesh-eating monster is either some kind of conservative wet dream or truly, desperately godawful film school pretention gone horribly amok.

This is still in production, so no word as to how long it’s going to take to take this horror from ill-conceived idea to spectacular waste of money.  I know, I haven’t actually SEEN it and I’m drawing a whole lot of conclusions from a synopsis, but come on.  I don’t need to be a chef to know when someone’s fried up old gym socks and set them on my plate.