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More Remake Fun In Don’t Look Up

(Zelda Williams)

You’ve got to love the remake, folks–nothing like taking a movie with an established fanbase, buying the rights to do stuff with it, then ultimately deciding to shoot a movie that has almost nothing to do with the original except for the name.

Don’t Look Up is the kind of thing that gives the anti-media activists out there hives.  Old celluloid film contains evil spirits, which are inadvertently released while a new production is being shot.  Now, the film crew’s going insane thanks to the evil in the room–but can they finish the production before it finishes them?

With terror hotties like Daniela Sea, Zelda Williams, and Elena Satine involved, and a downright creepy trailer in place, Don’t Look Up might well prove interesting when it finally hits.  In fact, some suggest that Don’t Look Up’s debut might be at the Sitges Film Festival.  We could be in for a doozy here, folks–especially since no less than Fruit Chan is directing.