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With A Name Like Blood Island, It’d Better Be Good

(Tiffany Fest)

It’s just finally managed to get distribution, folks–shot on location in Belize and including plenty of terror hottie joy like Tiffany Fest and Shoshona Shellans, Blood Island is going to bring us the tale of a group of vacationers out for some fun, when they run into some serious problems.

I know, par for the course for this kind of thing, but there’s at least some possibility this might turn out better than expected.  I base this on the trailer that’s been released–there’s also a poster but it doesn’t look that different from the ordinary–that’s got a little something extra to it.  I can’t quite pin it down but there’s just…something…different about Blood Island.

Like I said, it’s just finally managed to land distribution, so we should be seeing this sucker hit store shelves on the order of soon.