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7500 Adding New Terror Hotties By The Day

If you’re looking forward to 7500, you’ve got good reason. Maybe you like the fact that Takashi Shimizu of The Grudge fame is coming back in. Or maybe you just like the terror hottie loadout, which has recently grown by leaps and bounds. Not only is Amy Smart in on this, but so too is Jamie Chung and Scout Taylor-Compton.

And the three of them will be heading out on a transpacific flight, when they encounter something on the plane with them. And this something’s got it in for them, and bad, too. They’ve got to figure out what it is and how they can beat it before it costs them their lives.

This one won’t take long to hit theaters, either; it’ll give us an early kick off to the horror movie season by landing in the tail end of summer movie season, August 31st, 2012. I personally like the concept, myself–a little bit Ghosts on a Plane, really–and hopefully it’ll manage to be all it can be when it hits the theaters.

Sorority Row Remake Gets February DVD release

For those of you, like me, who’ve been wondering when the terror hottie packed Sorority Row would land on DVD, an answer has finally emerged.  It’s February 23rd.

The plot, in case you need a quick refresher, involves five sorority girls who set up a prank that goes horribly awry and ends in the death of one of their own.  From there, in truest horror movie fashion, they cover up the death, but it’s not long before they start dying off one after the other.  But who’s doing the killing?  That’ll be the biggest surprise of the whole evening.

Featuring Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Audrina Patridge, Carrie Fisher, Leah Pipes, Margo Harshman, Jamie Chung, and Caroline D’Amore on the terror hottie beat, this might well be the epitome of the terror hottie concept.  At least it’s definitely one of the greatest concentrations of same we’ve seen in a long time, so look forward to February, folks!

Sorority Row Photos Keep Hitting

(Jamie Chung)

And man…do they ever hit.

When you get a whole slew of terror hotties involved in a horror flick, especially one like Sorority Row, what’s probably the best way to get them involved in the film’s promotion?

Okay, the best way that’s still at least passably safe for work.  And if you said, sorority chicks in lingerie, you may want to pick up a deck of those psychic phenomenon measuring cards on your way home, because you might well be psychic.

I can only hope from here that the movie itself is as amazing as the promotional material, because otherwise, I’m just going to wind up HUGELY disappointed.