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Rec 2 To Get United States Release

(Manuela Velasco)

Oh yes, folks, some GREAT news here!  Remember all the time I spent cheering happily about Manuela Velasco and the hopefully forthcoming release of Rec 2, which looked like it was going to be a really wild one?  Well, the word is out, and 2010 is going to bring us Rec 2!

Sony Home Entertainment will be bringing this one our way, so despite the fact we won’t get it in theaters, which admittedly sucks, we’ll be able to get it at home, and that’s definitely better than nothing.

In case you need a quick plot refresher, Rec 2 rejoins Rec already in progress, at about ten minutes after the authorities encamped around the apartment building lost contact with the folks inside.  And from there, the virus will be looking to make its way into the outside world.

Considering how fantastic Rec, and its remake Quarantine, were, I can’t imagine how this could be anything less than unbelievably good.

Rec Again–The Sequel Coming Soon Everywhere But Here

Sorry American horror buffs–you won’t be getting the chance to see Rec 2, featuring terror hottie Manuela Velasco, any time soon.  It’s got a huge release schedule, but it’s mostly European in nature.  The Spanish will get first dibs starting this October, then it’ll be tooling around Europe for the next four months or so.  Word on when we’ll lay hands on this is still unavailable.

Based on the trailer, it’s a crying shame too.  This one looks like it’s got horror mileage and to spare.  Based on how the last one ended we could see that virus start sweeping out across the entire city and maybe even beyond.

I can only hope–and join the doubtless hordes of horror buffs hoping the same thing–that this one will manged to make it to the States in the shortest possible order.  Quarantine, the remake of Rec, was good stuff, no mistake–and so was Rec for that matter.  Here’s hoping the wait will be short!