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Gold Plated Turkey To Fly Soon?

(Betsy Rue)

Blood Worx Films will be bringing us, in a while (they’ve only just started casting) the movie The Legend of Zombie Road 3-D.

Featuring terror hottie Betsy Rue, and genre favorite Kane Hodder, this one is about Zombie Road, one of the top ten most haunted places in America and the subject of numerous urban legends.  Anyway, the story is that a guy by the name of Zombie escaped from the local insane asylum and went on a regular series of killing sprees, only to return to the asylum every dawn.  When he was finally killed himself in the asylum, he had twenty-two kills on his record, and his ghost now haunts the road to the asylum.

What gets me is that this is actually being billed as a 3-D title.  If they actually shot this in Real-D 3-D, they’d better have theatrical distribution on the hook, because if they don’t, then they just blew a whole lot of cash shooting this in 3-D.  Home theatres generally aren’t equipped to take full advantage of Real-D shooting styles.

Considering they’re only just casting now, it could be a while before we here much more out of this one, but keep it here for all the latest.