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El Superbeasto Picked Up

(Sheri Moon Zombie)

So Sheri Moon Zombie’s career will continue to limp on alongside that of her husband’s career as The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, an animated alleged-film about a washed-up Mexican wrestler (the titular El Superbeasto) who finds himself in Monsterland, a mythic world that seems to be populated by, among other things, zombie Nazis, got picked up by Starz Entertainment. There is a limited possibility that Anchor Bay will take this wreckage to theatres, and that also makes me extremely sad.

I find myself utterly unable to drum up anything resembling support for this project. In fact, what I want to know is how did this ridiculous waste of time get the kind of cast it did? Okay, I know Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Danny Trejo would pretty much follow Rob Zombie into the very heart of hell, but Paul Giamatti? He’s better than this. So is Anchor Bay, frankly–they’ve had a LOT of great projects. This, I doubt, will be one of them.

It’s a strange sort of conflict I feel, because while I love pretty much every performance Sid Haig has turned in, I just can’t stand Rob Zombie’s work. I guess Sid’s going to have to go on my short list of choice actors who can turn in a good performance no matter how bad the rest of the movie around them is.

Release dates? No one knows yet. But chances are they didn’t get the rights just to keep them away from everyone else–not in THIS economy!–so look for this one probably fairly soon.

Sheri Moon Zombie

Anyone want to see Sheri Moon Zombie naked? I’m personally kind of ambivalent on that one, myself—she’s not that unpleasant to look at but the fact that she’s married makes me vaguely uncomfortable in the same way handling a live toad does–but just in case you do, swing on over here:

You may have noticed something right off that that is in fact NOT the actual Sheri Moon Zombie getting naked, but rather an animated cartoon version of Sheri Moon Zombie. And Sheri Moon Cartoon there will be getting naked further in “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto”, a cartoon about a wrestler from Rob Zombie, the same waste of space that gave us the Halloween remake wreckage and the godawful waste of DVD plastic that was House of 1000 Corpses.

Presumably, this whole movie is an excuse to stick Zombie’s song “Superbeast” from the Hellbilly Deluxe album—parenthetically, I think all of Rob Zombie’s music sucks sour frog ass because if it weren’t for the different tempos you’d almost be unable to tell when one song ends and another starts. That and Zombie’s singing sounds like a rest home choir having a simultaneous, high-speed stroke, but that’s just me.

But Sheri Moon Zombie still qualifies as a horror hottie to most, and thus, you can catch her and a surprisingly robust cast (Paul Giamatti I am ashamed of you. You have way too much talent to waste on this tripe.) in The Haunted World of El Superbeasto on the order of eventually, because this sucker’s release date has come and gone and been reset and come and gone again like half a dozen times so far.