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30 Rock Star To Become Terror Hottie

(Katrina Bowen)

Well, this one’s a surprise clear out of left field–check this one out, folks.  Apparently, Katrina Bowen of 30 Rock fame is going to be showing up in a horror movie alongside Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk.  It’s called Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, and it will be heavily mocking all the great conventions of horror movies.  When a pair of easygoing hillbillies find themselves accused of being monstrous serial killers, they run afoul of a group of college kids who just happen to be camping out at the same lake where the two hillbillies–Tucker and Dale–just bought a “summer home”.

I have to admit, this sounds like a riot.  It’s hard to find good laughs in a horror flick, and hopefully Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil can bring the all too rare funny.  Production has only just begun, so it’ll likely be a while before we can get our hands on this one.  Looking forward to it, though; keep it here for all the latest news!