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Dark Woods In the Hunt For A Distributor, New One-Sheet Emerges

(Tracy Coogan)

Tracy Coogan, ladies and gentlemen, is a terror hottie who hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time lately, and frankly, that’s just sad.  Because she’s really good, and I think this one’s going to underscore her skill nicely.

When she and her husband head into a secluded cabin in the woods due to her terminal illness, things only get steadily worse for the couple as the wife’s illness takes hold and attacks her mental health.  Worse, there’s a fair chance that the husband’s putting the cart before the horse and looking for a younger model to replace his wife after her inevitable death.  Between the steadily deteriorating wife at home and the teenage girl getting creepy and obsessive outside, it doesn’t look good for the guy at all.

See what I mean?  This one definitely sounds like it could be a really top-notch thriller, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.  Distributors, get your hands on this one before it’s too late!