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England Joins In The 3-D Horror Game

(Jamie Winstone)

Okay, now I’m officially surprised.  I’ve seen horror flicks from all over the planet–Brazilian, Chilean, Pakistani, and plenty of other places even LESS likely to be putting out horror flicks–but I do NOT see a lot of horror come out of Great Britain.  Oh, sure, they had the 28 series, and naturally Shaun of the Dead still unquestionably kicks ass, but there’s not much coming out of them.  The French go nuts, the Irish throw in their contributions, but England generally doesn’t put out much.  But now, they’re bringing in Jaime Winstone to star in the first ever 3-D horror film from England: Elfie Hopkins and The Gammons.

Winstone plays an amateur detective who only seems to manage to dig up trouble in the small town she hails from, but when the Gammons move to town, Elfie Hopkins might be the only one who can find out what they’re really doing there.

It’s only in pre-production, so anything like a release date is really rather up in the air as of right now.  Will it translate well to American audiences?  I think we’ve all seen a whole lot worse, so hopefully it’ll turn out well.