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Night of The Creeps DVD, With Tons of Bonus Features!

Well this is a pleasant surprise out of the middle of nowhere, folks–Jill Whitlow comes back to give us another round of terror hottie bliss in the surprisingly sweet zombie classic Night of the Creeps.

Just in case you don’t remember the plot on this–or for some reason you’ve never actually seen it–Night of the Creeps features a kind of semi-sentient alien worm that burrows into a human body via the mouth and turns it into a mind-controlled zombie.  Oh, and it’s pretty clear these alien worms don’t like us very much, as they invariably use their human hosts to kill other humans.  And you’ve got to love the original tagline on this beast, which as I remember from those dim dark days was: “The good news is, your date is here.  The bad news is, he’s dead.”

Watch for this one October twentieth!