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Miike Masterpiece Hits Blu-Ray, Brings Terror Hotties

Oh man…am I ever glad to be telling you about this one!  Some time ago, there was a fantastic movie released from a gifted Japanese director by the name of Takashi Miike.  It was called Audition, and it was wild, blood-drenched, and featured not only Eihi Shiina as a choice terror hottie, but also a brief encounter with possibly one of the greatest sights ever: a Japanese cheerleader.

Yeah, I know.  It freaked me out too.  But it was AMAZING.

Audition watches like nothing so much as a Japanese episode of Married…With Children gone horribly wrong.  A widower’s son and friend convince the man to stage a phony audition for a movie in order to meet women.  Doing so, he indeed meets a slew of women, including our aforementioned Japanese cheerleader and Eihi Shiina.  And as he grows closer to the one woman in the bunch he found special, he begins to discover that there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.  And soon…there’ll be a lot less of him.

Packed with bonus features, this is one great reason to have a Blu-Ray player.