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Daybreakers Keeps Terror Hotties In The Lineup

(Isabel Lucas)

Isabel Lucas serves as the terror hottie of the day in the upcoming Daybreakers, scheduled for release January eighth, 2010.  If you recognize the directors–Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig–from their previous movie, Undead, you have a pretty fair idea of what we’re in for here.

This time, the Spierigs take on vampires of the year 2019, as a mysterious plague descends on humanity, turning most everybody into vampires by one means or another. Thus, it’s left to a lone researcher to prevent a mass enslavement campaign on the part of the vampires to collect and farm the remaining human populace by finding a suitable blood substitute.

It sounds like it could be interesting, even if it’s sounding a lot like a couple other concepts I’ve seen before like that horrible Vampires Vs. Zombies that did something similar and a couple others whose names escape me.  I’m cautiously optimistic for this one.