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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Gets Fresh Clip Action

It’s good to see Katie Holmes involved in a horror movie again, even if it is a thoroughly bizarre concept. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark just got another clip, and it looks like Katie Holmes might be neck deep in something pretty interesting.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark follows a young lady who’s off to spend the summer with her father and his new girlfriend. They’re actively involved in renovating a mansion, so this gives the young lady a lot of opportunity to explore a big, mostly empty house on her own. But what she finds when she goes looking through the mansion is going to give her plenty of pause, because it’s out to kill her. And, of course, everyone else in the mansion. Now she’ll be working with her father and his girlfriend to put paid to the unleashed horrors once and for all.

This will be in theaters August 26th, so we’ll get to see how this turns out and pretty soon, too. I’m personally looking very much forward to it; between all the clips I’ve seen so far and the plot description, well, this definitely looks like it will end well. And we won’t even have long to wait to find out!

Katie Holmes’s Terror Hottie Role Adds Cast

So we’re all probably still a little amazed that Katie Holmes is getting back into the terror hottie ranks, despite all reason and rationality and good common sense, even though her home life in Camp Scientology probably qualifies as sufficient horror cred to easily rank her among the best scream queens.  But she’s not the only new face, no sir.  In fact, the Del Toro-produced remake of the 1973 ABC made-for-TV movie (the joke there is, I’m serious) has just added a face that’ll need to bear watching in the terror hottie community.  I’m talking here about Bailee Madison.

Granted, the thrust on this article is about Katie Holmes, seeing as Bailee Madison is entirely too young to be considered a terror hottie, even by our spectacularly liberal definition of the term that includes the greatest ladies of horror like Zelda Rubenstein.  Bailee’s ten, for crying out loud.  Calling her a terror hottie is just all kinds of creepy, and we don’t do that sort of thing here.  But still, this early foray into the horror community is something to keep a watch on.  Why, in another eight to ten years she could easily be the Leighton Meester of her day.  Remember, Leighton got HER start in horror flicks too–Drive Thru ring a bell?  How about Hangman’s Curse?

So best of luck to the Del Toro project, which includes both terror hotties and terror hotties to be.