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ABC Puts Natasha Henstridge Back To Work

(Natasha Henstridge)

ABC gives us some new terror hottie joy, and gives Natasha Henstridge something to do for a change, with their recent movie Impact.

Showing June 21st, and then the second part hits on June 28th, Impact sends a meteor shower headed for Earth.  Ordinarily, this isn’t much cause for alarm—every year the Perseid meteors hit the Earth’s atmosphere without much trouble and put on a great show besides—but this time is different.  Contained in the meteor shower is nothing less than a brown dwarf star, an enormous mass of rock and minerals, that slams into the moon.  This impact alters the moon’s orbit, and now, the massive rock is on a collision course with Earth itself.  Only thirty nine days remain until the end of the world, unless someone can solve this dire problem.

I can’t recall the last time someone used the moon like this, so you might want to tune in for a network TV movie (man, I really can’t believe I just said that) that’ll feature some interesting ideas, if bad science.