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Blood The Last Vampire Hits DVD October 20th

(Gianna Jun)

If the thought of Gianna Jun as a sword-slinging vampire dressed in a schoolgirl outfit doesn’t get you interested in seeing a movie, then you haven’t been adequately introduced to terror hottie joy.

I’m talking Blood The Last Vampire today, and there will be, well, blood.  And plenty of it!

Jun plays a half-vampire / half-human who is contracted by the United States government to kill vampires and demons and such in Tokyo following the end of the second World War.  What exactly vampires and demons are doing roaming Tokyo after the second World War is a bit unclear (my guess is it’s got something to do with that whole nuclear bomb thing that was so big over there for a while) but the point is they’re there and someone’s got to kill them.

The REALLY key point, however–is that this one will be out soon, and if you’re up for some live-action anime conversion, you’ll be all over this one.

New Stills Emerge For Live Action Blood The Last Vampire

(Gianna Jun)

Gianna Jun’s foray into demon vampire fighting is proceeding nicely, if the recently release of forty-five still images is any indication.  Even better, we’ve actually got a release date for the United States theatrical market—Blood: The Last Vampire will hit US theatres July 10th.

Blood: The Last Vampire tells the story of a half-demon girl named Saya who’s been recruited by the United States government to kill a whole slew of demon vampires that are running amok and about to start chowing down on the populace at large.

The anime version was a very big deal, and a translation to live action ought to be at least comparably good, which means that we could be in for something really explosive this July.