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Behind The Scenes News Lands For Dracula 3D

Dracula 3D not only brings back Dario Argento in an unusual vampire title, but also gives us a nice package of terror hotties with both Asia Argento and Marta Gastini, among others. And what we’ll get from it is pretty interesting, if the behind the scenes footage that showed up is any indication.

Dracula 3D takes us out to Transylvania at the close of the 19th century, where two young lovers are set to meet when the female half of the couple is beset upon by a mysterious shadow that kills her. But it’s what’s behind that shadow that we should be concerned with, and the process of discovery is going to take us on a wild ride leading up to one of the greatest evils mankind has ever known.

The stills that have emerged around this one suggest Ravenous as set in the Carpathian mountains, and that doesn’t sound half bad to me. They’re still shooting this one, so no word yet on release dates. But as soon as we have one, we’ll pass it on.

Asia Argento—Oh Mamma. Of Tears.


Another round of Asia Argento comes our way when Papa Dario finishes and releases The Mother of Tears on September 23rd.

And what The Mother of Tears brings forth is actually par for the course for Dario Argento—basically, an art student named Sarah opens an ancient urn that contains the demonic power of the world’s most powerful witch.  This of course launches Rome—where this is set, apparently—into a plague of suicides.  It also transforms Rome into the new witch capitol of the world as an entire host of them descend on Rome to pay homage to the recently released ancient evil.

You know how it is when those ancient evils get released—just wall to wall witches and you can’t find a hotel room anywhere for love nor money.  Anyway, art student Sarah has to use her psychic powers—yes of COURSE she has psychic powers. This is a Dario Argento movie; what did you think she’d have, a GUN?—to stop the Mother of Tears before she can conquer the world.

For witches.


Okay, fellow horror buffs, sit up and take notice–it’s two for you, ’cause one won’t do. That’s right–a huge concentration of horror hotties in one central location, and it’s called Giallo.

It may translate literally as Yellow, but the things to remember are:

1. It’s Dario Argento’s newest movie, and this guy’s given us some definite winners in the past.

2. There are two, count ‘em, TWO horror hotties in this one.

Not only will we be treated once more to Snakes on a Plane hottie Elsa Pataky, but we ALSO get another dose of Asia Argento. That’s right, snaky goodness and nepotism combine in one place to give us a huge burst of horror hottie.

The movie, on the other hand, doesn’t look like anything great. Stop me if you’ve heard this synopsis before–a serial killer roams the urban wilds, killing a series of gorgeous women (most of whom we’ve never even heard of before) and he’s pursued by a lone-wolf kind of cop who plays probably by his own rules.

Yeah, I know, we’ve already seen this one half a dozen times plus and Argento hasn’t even started rolling on it yet, but Argento’s past work, coupled with the double shot of feminine grace that is Elsa Pataky and Asia Argento is enough to make me at least give Dario a benefit of the doubt pass.

Elsa Pataky



Asia Argento

Serving up some Italian for Valentine’s Day: Asia Argento

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a delicious way to celebrate today with one of the hottest Italian actresses out there, Asia Argento.  Though there’s more to her than just a pretty face and a hot body. She’s one of the most prolific and talented horror actresses out there, which isn’t much of a surprise since she comes from a family of horror actors and directors. Her dad in fact is the infamous Dario Argento, a cult favorite in the Italian horror movie scene.

So how can you see more of her?While she’s no stranger to the American horror fans (she stars in Land of the Dead), her first horror role came quite early. With her dad as her biggest inspiration/connection, she starred in the 1986 Italian movie, Demoni, a film about a group of people trapped inside a building that’s taken over by demons. This would be the first of many movies where Dario writes/directs and Asia stars (others include La Chiesa, Trauma, Sindrome di Stendhal and upcoming movie Mother of Tears). As she quipped, “”Sometimes I think my father gave me life because he needed a lead actress for his films.”

Don’t get us wrong though. Ever since her first acting role at age 9,  Asia has already stepped out of her family’s shadow with her precocious talent. And with her latest movies like Land of the Dead, XXX, Boarding Gate, and Go Go Tales under her belt, she’s not one to disappoint. And this hottie isn’t even close to done (Thank god!). She has two horror flicks in production, Mother of Tears and Giallo, both directed by Dario.

We at Terror Hotties believe that after seeing these pictures and watching her movies, you’ll understand why Hondo Maclean (a Welsh metal band), made a song, just for her.