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Dexter Season Four Gets Terror Hottie Boost

(Courtney Ford)

Already keeping the spectacular Jennifer Carpenter employed, Dexter is a solid source of horror thrills and terror hotties.  But now, they’re going to get a serious dose of extra points with the addition of John Lithgow as a serial killer AND terror hottie Courtney Ford stepping in to play a reporter.

This is an excellent move, frankly.  Fans of John Lithgow already know he’s a solid actor who can handle nearly any role and even has a little bit of horror chops from his time in Raising Cain, but Courtney Ford comes fresh off of Alien Raiders and definitely can handle the horror game.  Initial word, however, suggests that Courtney Ford may not be a permanent addition to the Dexter cast, but rather only around for a “multi-episode arc”.

Any Courtney Ford is better than none, but more is always better than less.