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And The Lions Gate Archive Crawl Continues

(Christina Vidal)

Oh, sure, putting Christina Vidal and Samantha Noble in the same movie is a great and terror hottie packed start to just about any movie, but when you bring in the WWE’s Kane and make him a serial killer, well, you’ve got a real doozy in the making. It’s called See No Evil, and it was a surprisingly solid horror title from 2006.

It featured Kane as Jacob Goodnight, a massive psychopath with a steel plate in his head, razor-sharp nails on his fingers, and a penchant for plucking the eyes out of his victims’ heads.  Holed up in the crumbling Blackwell Hotel, Jacob Goodnight lives a life of relative peace and quiet until eight petty criminals, sent to the Blackwell Hotel as part of a community service program, disturb his solitude.  Thus, the criminals, along with the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight’s head four years prior, are left to attempt to survive with an unstoppable killing machine.

There weren’t many people who liked this one—I actually enjoyed it myself in the same way I enjoyed Friday the 13th—and the Blu-ray version promises a whole host of extras.  You’ll be able to catch this one in August at last report, and you’ll probably have a nice time with it.