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Maneater Makes Another Run—With Parker Lewis!

(Miriam McDonald)

There are about two reasons for you, and me included, to actually look forward to a release in the Maneater series—especially this one, called Sea Beast.  One, it features terror hotties like Miriam McDonald, formerly of Degrassi High, and two, it also features none other than Corin Nemec himself, Mr. Harold Lauder from The Stand and of course, the legendary Parker Lewis of the Fox show of the same name.

I was huge into that show back when I was a kid, as were my friends.  We longed for the capacity to do that kind of thing to our principal.  But anyway, I’m digressing, and this sucker’s going to be pretty much everything you expect from a Maneater title.  Specifically, a fishing village—Cedar Bay by name—is running out of fish in rapid fashion, and a marine biologist has been dispatched to find out why.  The why in question, after depleting the fish stocks, decides to turn its attention to a much more substantial dish—man.  And now, with a man-eating whatsit closing in on the residents of Cedar Bay, and a massive storm picking up steam not too far behind, it’s up to a handful of folks to take on the monsters and win…or be eaten in the process.

Okay, I know.  It’s cheesier than a plate of nachos.  But this may be at least interesting enough to bring up the average of the Maneater series, which is a feat that no one would have thought possible before today.  It hits video stores June 30th.