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The Long Weekend Gets A Name Change

So Long Weekend, planned to be released directly to video and featuring terror hotties Claudia Karvan and Lara Robinson, has undergone a name change, and will now be known as Nature’s Grave.

Nature’s Grave features a young couple out for a weekend retreat in the hopes of patching up their damaged relationship, but it’ll be more than their relationship that gets damaged when they hit a secluded beach and are forced to face down the wrath of nature.  Based on the trailer, this could be something interesting.

Universal’s putting this one out, so you can at least count on some halfway decent production values out of it, especially by direct to video standards.  And even more interesting is that it also includes James Caviezel of Passion of the Christ fame.  It’s kind of hard to believe that the guy who played Jesus is working the direct to video market, but I guess these days you take what you can get.  Anyway, it’s due out August 4th, and it should be one to watch.