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Lili Taylor Set To Join In With The Conjuring

p>We just got a bit of news in just a little while back about James Wan’s next movie, The Conjuring, and how it was set to have a terror hottie presence in the form of Vera Farmiga. Well, things are getting even more news-based, and we’ve even got another terror hottie to mention, among other things.

You’re looking at Lili Taylor, who may well be part of The Conjuring to follow, which will follow the Perron family. The Perrons believed that they “lived among the dead” for some time, and now, we’re going to find out just what it’s like to have a whole lot of unauthorized roommates.

Even more interesting than the addition of a new terror hottie, there’s also some news of a possible name change. The movie is now going on under the working title of Untitled Warren Files Project. Whatever the title actually ends up being, this one could be some pretty good stuff, especially if it’s done in that terrific style that Insidious was done in. No word on release dates yet, so keep it right here for all the latest.

Vera Farmiga To Join In James Wan’s Conjuring

James Wan’s career has really been rolling along nicely since the Saw series first took Halloween by storm, but now, it’s coming back on us with a vengeance by way of the upcoming release of The Conjuring. And of course, it’s nothing without its terror hotties, specifically, Vera Farmiga.

The Conjuring follows the Perron family, an actual, true-life family who were around in the seventies and insisted that they “lived among the dead”. And although that’s about as vague a pronouncement as things get, we’ll get to find out just what it means to “live among the dead” when this one comes out.

They’re still getting the cast together, so they haven’t even started shooting, let alone figured out a release date on this one yet. Hopefully sooner rather than later–I’ve seen Wan do some impressive stuff thus far, and if they pull off what they did with Insidious, well, this one’s certainly going to be one to watch.

Surprise, Surprise—Adoption Groups Offended By Orphan

(Vera Farmiga)

Well, it was really only a matter of time before someone’s collective panties got in a bunch over this one, and frankly, I’m amazed it took this long.  Featuring Vera Farmiga as the terror hottie of note on this one, Orphan is the story of a couple who adopts a little girl, and discovers there’s a reason why no one else was interested in taking her home.

As to the offended parties, well, seems that foster care groups took issue with a line in one of the trailers—it’ll probably be in the film, too, so I guess the offense won’t end with the trailer.  The line in question is “It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own.”  Warner Brothers promptly caved to the cries of outrage and promised that the line would be removed from the film’s marketing materials.

So…does that include the film itself?