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Halle Berry Looks To Get Back Into Horror With The Hive

Admittedly, Halle Berry’s recent record as far as horror movies go–Gothika and, on a limited level, Dark Side (let’s just not even mention Catwoman)–has not been good. But there may be something in the works to get her a little note of credibility: Joel Schumacher’s upcoming title, The Hive.

The Hive follows an emergency services operator who finds herself in a serious problem on several levels. She survived a serial killer in her past, but just when she’d thought that she wouldn’t see him again, she finds that she’s going to have to confront him again, and this time to save someone else’s life. Will she pull it off? Or will the killer claim a whole new victim?

I’m a bit skeptical about this one; we’ve kind of heard this plot before, and Halle Berry doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. It’s entirely possible that this one could turn it all around, though, but we’ll have a wait before this one comes out as they’re still casting.

Halle Berry Goes Back To Horror

(Halle Berry)

Amazingly, the Oscar winning terror hottie from Gothika (and no, of course she didn’t win it for Gothika.  Nor for Catwoman.  Come on now, be serious!) is going to take another turn around at the horror movie game, appearing in the upcoming Fox film The Surrogate.

When a couple longs for a child, and yet can’t produce one, they sometimes turn to a surrogate mother to gestate a child on their behalf.  One particular couple tries this approach, only to discover the shocking fact that the surrogate they selected is insane.

Okay!  Now we’ve got something going on here—it begs the question, how’s the kid going to turn out?  Further, WILL the kid turn out at all, or did the folks who wanted him decide he’s damaged goods? I know I’m using the generic “he” there, there’s no word on what gender the kid in question will actually be.

No word on release dates yet, folks, but keep it here—you know you always get the news fastest at Terror Hotties.