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Slew Of New Clips Lands For Final Destination 5

There are a whole lot of terror hotties involved in Final Destination 5, so it’s definitely great to see new material coming out of this. And with a set of new clips, those of you waiting to catch this in theaters have just a little less to wait for.

Featuring Emma Bell, Ellen Wroe, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and several others, Final Destination 5 takes us once again to a group of young folks who have managed to defy death by way of someone’s unexpected premonition. And of course, death is not at all happy about this, so death sets out to put right what went so terribly wrong with the plan. And that’s going to mean a lot of people are about to die unexpectedly.

I know, sounds exactly like the plots of the previous four, but early word says there are some twists in this one that will put a little extra punch in it. So we can give it the benefit of the doubt and wait for it to hit theaters, which it will August 12th.

Chill Out With A Choice Terror Hottie

(Emma Bell)

We all pretty much dig on Adam Green’s work, I’d say, so it’s not exactly a sad event to tell you that his latest, Frozen, will be hitting theaters this February.  And before the reception gets too chilly, I’ll tell you that they’ll warm things up real nicely with the inclusion of terror hottie Emma Bell.

The plot features a group of college students out for a ski vacation in New England.  But the last lift up the mountain stops halfway up–too high to drop down from–the party finds themselves pitted against the elements in all their forms and forced to figure out a way down.

Sounds pretty awesome, I know, and definitely not the kind of movie we get on a regular basis.  So I’m looking forward to February, and as the snow starts melting, getting that one last blast of cold.

Deep Freeze For the Terror Hotties

(Emma Bell)

Okay, now here’s an interesting little posit:  can you make a horror movie around three people on a bench?

Adam Green, the guy who gave us Hatchet, is going to take a run at just such a thing, aided and abetted by terror hottie Emma Bell.  It’s called Frozen, and it’s about three friends who go on a ski trip.  They board the ski lift…and it stops midway up.  Too far to drop, and too far from the top, can the threesome survive the combination of sub-zero temperatures and their own fear?

Green’s staying very much mum on the rest of it, but just from this little bit we’ve got so far, this one could be a real winner.  Frankly, it’s just too unique to be anything but either an amazing success or catastrophic failure.  No word on release dates yet, but they say the Utah shoot was a real killer.  Keep it here as the news develops!