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Alison Lohman Stages Shocking Interview

(Alison Lohman)

You know her better as the terror hottie component of recent theatrical release Drag Me To Hell, marking the return of Sam Raimi to the horror circuit.  But recently, she just released an interview that’s going to leave some horror buffs cold.

Turns out, Alison had almost no idea who Sam Raimi WAS before she started filming Drag Me To Hell—and she definitely didn’t know much of anything about his horror career.  Even worse, everything about the interview says she didn’t know much about horror in general, or even LIKE it.  And this is the woman we’re counting on to pull terror hottie detail in Sam Raimi’s return to horror?  They can’t be serious!

Well, we’ll find out how it goes—by the time you read this, it’s already out, and chances are I’ll have more to tell you soon.