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Red Lights Gets A Fresh Clip

For those of you looking forward to the grand resurgence of big names like Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy, and of course, terror hottie Sigourney Weaver with Red Lights, we have a treat to announce for you: a fresh clip, and it’s looking pretty sweet at that.

By way of recap, Red Lights joins a pair of paranormal investigators as they descend on what they believe will be their newest colossal fraud, so-called psychic Simon Silver. Silver’s been out of the game for the last thirty years, but he’s putting it all on the line in a big challenge to every debunker and skeptic out there, including our two paranormal investigators. And what Simon Silver’s got to show is going to be some impressive–and dangerous–stuff indeed.

Sound good to anyone else? I’m certainly liking the sound of it–De Niro’s horror career has been sorely underrated (I liked Hide And Seek just fine myself) and bringing in Murphy and Weaver is only an improvement from there. No word as yet on release dates, so keep it right here for all the latest, but this one should be a thrill when it finally makes it into wide release. It just had its premiere out at Sundance, so hopefully distribution isn’t too far behind.

Sigourney Weaver & Red Lights To Premiere At Sundance

We’ve been following Red Lights for some time now, and now, the Sigourney Weaver starrer will get a serious kick in the pants because it’s going to get its world premiere at no less than the Sundance film festival.

Red Lights follows a gifted psychic by the name of Simon Silver, who’s rapidly becoming a serious problem for scientists everywhere, especially those that would like to debunk Simon but find themselves hard pressed to do so. But Simon’s been out of the game for a long time–thirty years–and his sudden reappearance hasn’t made things easier. Thus, a couple of fraud investigators are stepping up to figure out what Simon’s deal is, but it may well cost them their lives.

Add Robert De Niro and Cillian Murphy to this one and the end result is something that looks like it’s going to be pretty sharp indeed. And hopefully it will land a distributor after its premiere. But keep it right here for all the latest, so we can fill you in on just where this one’s going.

Alien Anthology to Be Even Better Than Expected?

(Sigourney Weaver)

Admittedly, everyone who’s looking forward to the Alien Blu-ray Anthology is expecting nothing but great, especially from archetypal terror hottie Ellen Ripley–whom we all know better as Sigourney Weaver.  Here’s the word, directly FROM Sigourney:

“In an interview with the L.A. Times over the weekend, actress Sigourney Weaver revealed that she’s going to be recording brand new audio commentary tracks for each of the four ‘Alien’ films – tracks that will be added to Fox’s nearly complete ‘Alien’ Anthology Blu-ray box set. We’ve confirmed this news with our industry sources, who have also informed us that the box set is going to blow away fans of the previous DVD Quadrilogy. Not only have all of those previous extras have been included, but TONS of new material has been added as well exclusively for the Blu-ray release – extras that should make the BD WELL worth upgrading to. The set will be released in mid-to-late 2010.”

Yeah, I know.  I can’t imagine, offhand, what would be this big a deal on top of an already horrendously good series, but if it’s as good as they claim, well, this is going to be HUGE.

Ridley Scott Talking Alien Prequel

I know, Ridley Scott’s a guy.  So what am I doing talking about him on Terror Hotties?  Well, it’s actually pretty simple.  See, he’s talking about an ALIEN PREQUEL.  And that’s got a really, REALLY, good chance of involving Sigourney Weaver.  The thought of that is enough to really get me.

Now, no one’s sure what exactly it’ll be about.  The only thing Scott’s been able to confirm is that a script is in fact being written for it.  This by itself is a slice of fried awesome in and of itself, even though I’m personally hoping for a little background on that crashed alien ship back on LV 426 or whatever the planet’s name was.

Though it’s a question worth asking–even if they do manage to do a prequel to Alien (Ridley Scott’s schedule is booked up tighter than a drum head), could Sigourney Weaver come back and do Ripley?  Or would we need an entirely NEW Ellen Ripley?  It could go either way, and the concept leaves me a bit worried either way.

And exactly why she never should have lost to Anna Paquin.

Sigourney Weaver Coming Back To Ghostbusters?

(Sigourney Weaver)

Now here’s a bit of news for you, folks—apparently, the one last holdout of the original Ghostbusters 3 cast, Sigourney Weaver, may well be poised to reprise her role as Dana once again.  I thought it odd that she was never on any of the original lists, especially when they managed to pry Rick Moranis out of his self-imposed cinematic solitude to come back as Louis Tulley, but apparently that’s no longer an issue.

And they’ve even started to skew the plotline in a reasonable fashion—seems the Ghostbusters are getting on in years and, as such, considering a retirement.  But first, they’ve got to get some young blood to carry on the proton fuelled torches, and that’s where the new cast comes in.  The old Ghostbusters, the REAL Ghostbusters, will be training the NEW Ghostbusters in how to use the equipment.  And rest assured, there will be plenty of new equipment.

This one looks to hit theatres sometime in 2011, so keep your eyes front here for more news as it hits.