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Terror Hotties Should Never Trust Hit Men

Just in case you’re looking for a dose of the old indie horror scene, and you live near one of the handful of theatres that’s showing Downloading Nancy, you may want to swing in and check it out.  It’s got a really solid cast list, including old favorites like Jason Patric and Rufus Sewell, along with terror hotties Maria Bello and Amy Brenneman, the latter of which I never expected to call a terror hottie, ever.

An unhappy housewife, the titular Nancy, schedules a professional assassination on an unlikely source—herself.  But when she sets it up with a guy she meets on the internet, she finds that sometimes, strange things happen as the guy she’s hired to kill her instead falls in love with her.

Not exactly the kind of thing we’re used to, huh?  It could be a bit of a rom-com snooze if done poorly but if done well it could be a pretty solid suspense piece.  I’m personally going to let this one pass to video, but you may find it a bit more valuable.

Downloading Nancy Might Have Good Bandwidth

(Maria Bello)

So I’m actually kind of surprised to discover that Downloading Nancy, featuring terror hotties like Maria Bello and Amy Brenneman, might just be an interesting movie.  Check out the plot synopsis on this beauty: unhappy wife Nancy finds a new guy thanks to the internet…and she’s got a plan for him, to have him kill her husband.  But, and this may not be too much of a surprise…before he can do the murderous deed, the two of them fall in love (Nancy and the hitman, that is) and that just complicates matters all the more.

Maybe now he’ll do the hit for free just so the two of them can be together.

Okay, sure, this may not be really big on the horror aspect of things, but I do look for at least a good thriller in the vein of Disturbia, and that’s not half bad.