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More New Bloodsucker News on True Blood

(Evan Rachel Wood)

Whoa!  Now HERE’S an out of nowhere surprise, folks—check this out!

Remember when I was talking about the newest addition to the True Blood cast?  Well, they’ve got a new terror hottie to discuss, and it’s none other than Evan Rachel Wood.

She’s going to be playing the four hundred year old Queen of Louisiana, who is apparently the biggest part of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  And, of course, it’s Evan Rachel Wood, so that’s literally all manner of reason to be excited right there.

Seriously—we all know that Evan Rachel Wood can do some amazing things when she wants to (just look at The Wrestler if you don’t believe me!), and putting her in a terror hottie position is just fantastic news.

If you haven’t started watching the show yet, there’s now more reason than ever to start!