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Literary Terror Hotties Have Their Day Too

(Sarah Langan)

Not to be too self-congratulatory, folks, but we here at Terror Hotties believe that terror hotties come from all segments of the horror industry.  Oh, sure, the scream queens of yesterday, today and tomorrow will always have their place here, but we like to throw some support behind the lesser-known of the terror hottie game: directors, producers, and of course, writers.

And Dimension just picked up the work of one such terror hottie—Sarah Langan.  They’ve got the film rights to the as yet unpublished book she’s written, Audrey’s Door.  And in this book, a young architect (no word on if it’s Audrey herself but it probably is) has just broken off her engagement and followed this up by finding an amazing apartment in Manhattan.  I know—talk about your roller coaster ride, huh?  Anyway, she quickly discovers that it’s not all that perfect after all, and finds herself confronting both the building itself and its tenants, all of whom are forcing her to build a door that opens into what I’m guessing is hell.

Guess that really IS the Audrey, huh?  Well, sounds unique enough on the surface for a change, and that’s worth giving some props to.  I’m a little confused how an unpublished book got its film rights bought, though.  Either way, looking forward to it, and more information on this one when it comes out.