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Sarah Oh Makes Fortune Hunting Look Good

And she really does, folks—Sarah Oh’s going to be involved with a few other folks, including a couple lesser-known terror hotties in a movie that’s got my eyebrow raised.  No mean feat, that, so let’s have a look at The Crypt.

A fortune of gold and jewels were buried in the catacombs beneath a small town during the Great Depression, and now, six young criminals are out to dig it up.  But the loot has surprising protectors, and now, lost and trapped in the maze beneath the town, the six have to escape with their skins intact.

Nothing like a good treasure hunt in a down economy to get people’s interest sparked—I figure that’s at least half the reason there was an Into the Blue 2.  So I’m definitely looking forward to this one.  Derivative it may be, but if executed properly, no one will care.