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Elm Street Gets A New Terror Hottie Neighbor

(Katie Cassidy)

Katie Cassidy, folks—that’s the newest addition to the Nightmare on Elm Street cast, and frankly, it sounds like a good move.  Here’s the deal:  the remake—or “reimagining” or whatever pompous name they’ve fastened onto what will hopefully not be a complete debacle in the making—will start shooting in Chicago in June, and will hit theatres April 10th of next year.

Katie, meanwhile, has some serious horror chops of her own.  Not only did she have a recurring role on the CW horror(ish) drama Supernatural, she was also in the Black Christmas remake.  So she’s doubly suited for this one, having both horror experience and horror remake experience.

How will the whole thing turn out?  Well, still way too early to tell, but between Katie and the addition of Rorschach handling the bladed glove, this may not be that bad after all.