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Zoe Simpson—One of Many Fewdio Terror Hotties

(Zoe Simpson)

So I recently came across a line of short films from an outfit called Fewdio, and they’ve really got me impressed.  Not only is their stuff on average fantastic, they’ve also got a whole raftload of terror hotties involved in the proceedings.  For instance, there’s Zoe Simpson, a terror hottie who appears in the Fewdio short Conviction.  She’ll be showing us that, sometimes, belief isn’t all that strong in the face of overwhelming facts.

It’s based on the religious structure of H.P. Lovecraft, so you know you’re in for an absolute panic in the making.  And Zoe Simpson does an even better job of projecting the kind of sheer abject terror that can only come from a hot chick facing down cosmic horror on an epic scale.

It’s one among many, and Fewdio is head and shoulders above the rest.  Even better, they’ll have plenty of terror hotties involved.