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Terminator: Salvation On Hold


Sad news coming out of the Terminator Salvation camp, folks—Helena Bonham Carter, who was recently revealed to be one of the film’s main baddies, has just lost several family members to a bus accident and has returned to Great Britain to console the remains of her grieving family.

This is of course an incredible tragedy for her personally—she’s lost a quantity of her cousin’s relatives. Her cousin’s son, sister-in-law, mother and stepfather all died. This is also, on a much, much lower level a tragedy for us personally—she’s on “indefinite leave”, which means shooting and release for Terminator: Salvation is almost certainly going to be delayed. Unless, of course, they find a way to work around her for a while, which is actually pretty possible given the ability to do green screen insertions and such.

We’ll get along just fine either way, though, and hopefully she will too.

Vanessa Ferlito

We at Terrorhotties absolutely love the eye candy from Grindhouse. Didn’t watch the movie yet? Vanessa Ferlito, the sassy Italian from Brooklyn also stars in CSI: New York AND has had guest spots in 24 and Soprano among others.

She has no other horror flicks in the works (let me know if you know of any!) but if you still want to see this hottie in high resolution, you’re in luck.

Vanessa will be in a new dramedy, Humbolt Park, which is about a Latino family from Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood.  I’m not sure how good the movie is, but seeing her on the big screen is definitely worth it.