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Vaguely Uncomfortable Horror

(Natassia Malthe)

All right, folks, sit down and strap in—this is rumor control.

Man, I always wanted to say that. One of the few good lines from Alien 3.  But anyway, I’m digressing like a lunatic, so on to the point.  Natassia Malthe, the terror hottie of choice behind stuff like Skinwalkers, Dead and Deader and Bloodrayne II, is currently at work on a new horror flick starting shooting out in Spain.  And this is really, REALLY, early stuff.  All we’ve got to go on so far is a bit of trailer and some teaser art.
Based on what I can tell from the trailer and the poster, and the fact that the movie’s actually entitled Slave, my guess is it’s going to be vaguely uncomfortable sexual horror in a similar vein as 8MM and Feed.  Concerned?  Yes, I am, a bit—but I’m basing this on a lot of slim data.  I could easily be wrong—more to come!