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Terror Hotties Bring the Magic Charm

(Estelle Raskin)

Here’s some truly awesome news about a new package of terror hotties coming up in the release Magic Man.  Tatiana and her friends go on vacation in Las Vegas, and Tatiana’s enjoying the magic how put on by Krell Darius and his assistant.  But Tatiana’s got lots of reason to enjoy the show—her mother was a magician’s assistant who died mysteriously during a trick gone wrong.  And Krell Darius may know more than he’s letting on about the death.

As Tatiana’s friends wind up dead one by one, it’s up to Tatiana and a Las Vegas police detective to uncover all the truth this city can hide.

Sure, sounds a bit familiar—Clive Barker kind of did it first with Lord of Illusions, but only kind of.—but the fact that there’s plenty of terror hottie to go around (Estelle Raskin, Bai Ling and Christina Vidal) makes the package just a little more palatable.  I’m prepared to give this one a chance, but no word yet on release dates.